Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tommy want wingy....

Working on some wings for the far I have the dry rub on them and they will get the smoke tomorrow....stay tuned....

Started smoking around 4:30.....

I took them off around 7:00 and will "package" them up for their last stages. Fry them for about 40 seconds to a minute and then they go for a spin in the sauce....

Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Turf at Razorback Stadium

Road the bike over to Fayetteville last weekend and went by Razorback stadium to check out the new "field turf"....looks like grass to me!!

Mini Road Trip

Ok, so for about....jeez....8 weeks I guess... Caleb has been talking about an Ostrich Egg that we saw at the Promised Land Zoo. Well, he has been saving up his money and we made a road trip over to get the "prized" possession.

The "Welcome Party" at the entrance to the PL Zoo....

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!

Wishing everyone a happy 4th of July!!! Be safe!

We went to Branson on Friday for the fireworks at the Landing. It was packed!! I have never seen that many people there. Went ending up going to the Candlestick Inn. It is a restaurant on the bluff overlooking Lake Taneycomo and the Branson Landing. We met with Nichole and Brandon for dinner and then watched the fireworks after dinner from outside the restaurant. It was nice to watch them at that location overlooking the Landing and all of the schmos down there packed in like sardines.

Headed to the fireworks stand today and then watching the Harrison show tonight.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Bike Ride

Went on a ride this evening down Hwy 7 to Jasper and then over to Ponca and then back Hwy 43 into Harrison. i stopped a couple of places and snapped some pictures. I also saw a couple of baby elk just outside of Ponca, but I wasn't in a position to stop and get any pics. It was a nice ending to a relaxing day.

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all of the dad's out there today.....

I spent most of the early afternoon doing yardwork which gave me some time to remember all of the great things about my dad. This is the first Father's Day without him, and I think about and miss him each day. I try to do things in my life that I think would make him proud or laugh. I believe he was an excellent role model for me and I feel blessed to have him as a dad...

Friday, June 5, 2009

Blues Fest

Heather and I went over to Eureka Springs for a few hours last weekend for Blues Fest. Caleb was spending the time with Britney so we thought we would take a ride on the bike. BJ and Sara were over there too so we met up with them, had lunch, walked around for a bit and then headed back to H-town.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cabana Banana???

Growing up in the early 80s we had a boat. There are only a few things I remember about this boat..

1) It was yellow
2) It was yellow
3) We called it the "Cabana Banana" (because it was yellow, did I mention?)
4) Boats sink without the plug

I don't remember how long we had the boat or even the time frame that we had it. I guess it was the early 80's, because I do remember having to listen to "Ebony and Ivory" ALL THE TIME on the way to the lake.

I haven't thought much about the Cabana Banana in a while, at least not since I gave up my version of the Cabana Banana, but there is a boat in town that is for sale and when I drove past it I had to snap a picture. I'm sure Mom and Kelly will tell me how similar/different this "sighting" of the Cabana Banana is from the original....

Star Trek

Went to go see the new Star Trek. I stumbled across this pic of the previous "James T Kirk" and just had to post it...

Mom and I went to go see it over Memorial Day weekend. Dad was always a big Star Trek fan and I, in turn, became one too. I haven't see all of the original Star Trek TV series episodes (before my time of interest) but I've seen most everything since. All of the motion pictures and the Next Generation TV series for a while.

The new Star Trek was a great movie. I enjoyed the re-casting of the characters. Kirk, Spock, Bones, Scotty, Uhura, Sulu and Chekov all did great jobs. Aside from the nostalgia of the characters; the plot, action and graphics were all very entertaining. This movie certainly lays the groundwork for another generation of Trekies.

When available on DVD, I will be making the purchase....

One note, this is one of the few science fiction movies that made the "in space" scenes slient. That usually doesn't make for good movies and it is something they only did a few times, but I certainly noticed it and appriciated it. Also, there is quite a bit of fighting in the movie, it certainly earned it's PG-13 rating.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Bike Goodie

From 2008 09 05

Installed a "Big Bar Engine Guard". I like the looks. It has a curved look rather than just circular, goes well with the lines of the bike.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

'09 Crawdad Days

Crawdad Days was last weekend in Harrison. It's billed as a "Music Festival", but rarely does the music interest me. Mainly it is good for the rides for the kids and the vintage cars. I didn't get a lot of pictures, but there were plenty of cars around the square, some of them didn't look like they had been driven since they were built. Anyway, Caleb had a good time riding the rides for 4 hours!!! Ah the energy of youth....

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Branson Motorcycle Rally

Went to the Branson Motorcycle Rally on Friday night. The temp was really nice and it made for a good ride. The vendors were average. Talked with Wide Open Plastics. They make fairings for all sorts of bikes, mine included. I have been researching them for about 8-10 months now and being able to see the product first hand was very beneficial. Also spoke with a company out of Nixa, MO that does custom painting. They had some incredible stuff there, about 5-6 bikes and several helmets. The helmets are the only things I managed to snap some pictures for Heather and one for only, no purchases.. :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

09 Phloat Trip

Ok, let the BS begin. So far, the only thing we have are dates. May 1st and 2nd. Location is still to be determined.

Add comments for suggestions, etc....

Link to Map of the River: Buffalo River Map

I found the stork nesting ground from last year....

Zero Inches airspace, Ponca, 04/12

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

We hope everyone has a Happy St. Patrick's Day.

(Caleb just wants more bubbles please....)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Magic Tree House

We went over to Fayetteville to see the Magic Tree House Musical at the Walton Arts Center. The Magic Tree House is a collection of books that Caleb likes and much to our surprise, he really wanted to go. Being a musical and all, I was a little skeptical, but he really enjoyed it. The place was packed and it was a great time.

You can see in the pictures that Caleb has the "stand up straight" pose down pat. No, he is not a cardboard cut out that we carry around....

Monday, March 2, 2009

Dinosaur footprint artist

You may not have known that there was such a job as a Dinosaur Footprint Artist, but apparently Caleb is going to be a trailblazer.


Cool little restaurant in Eureka. Guacamole burger for me, basket of fries and a vanilla shake for Heather.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


When it comes time to take the bedding off, Conner thinks that we are doing it especially for him.
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spring Mt. Ranch, NV

If you ever go to Vegas and get to visit the surrounding area, be sure to drive through Spring Mt. Ranch. It is a beautiful little ranch with an interesting history smack dab in the middle of the desert. Be careful though, apparently, the burros don't care much for traffic regulations and the horses are pissed.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Car (at least to me....)

So this weekend, I traded in the Wrangler. While I loved the idea of the Jeep and the occasional fun factor, it certainly is not the most practical vehicle. We just don't do enough camping/off-roading/etc to justify it. I was looking for something that would satisfy my "tech" need and provide ample room for the family (most notably Caleb's trunk load of toys that are NEEDED on every ride in the car). After looking at several brands and trying to give serious consideration to Ford, GM and Chrysler, I ended up buying foreign (not really surprised given the "tech" factor). Dealership in Springfield had a killer deal on an '06 Infiniti M35 (and payments are less than the Jeep!!)

Some Dealership Pics below.....